Sprout Brush Tree

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The Sprout is our most affordable makeup brush drying tree to date. We have taken all the knowledge gained since we invented the brush tree tower over 4 years ago and condensed it into this high quality, compact and low cost brush tree.

Now even the smallest makeup vanities can have a brush tree to stay organized and reduce clutter, and the best part is that you can still collapse the tower and store in a drawer or makeup drawer until you need it again.

The Benjabelle Sprout Brush Tree can hold 4 medium brushes and 8 of your thinner eye and lip brushes. You can also store and dry any kind of brush with the Sprout including art, craft or nail art brushes. By drying your brushes vertically, you protect their bristles and keep water from the ferrule; most brushes are made using a process that glues the bristles to the handle via the ferrule. If water is allowed to remain in contact with the ferrule over time this can weaken the glue and cause the bristles to detach and fall out during the next use of that brush.

We all have to wash our brushes so we at Benjabelle invented the brush tree to prevent water from staying in contact with the ferrule during the drying process. An added benefit was that we found by allowing air to circulate around our makeup brushes it speed the drying time and prevented the brush bristles from becoming misshapen. All this adds up to drying tree that extends the life of your brushes, saves you time during the cleaning process and dries your cosmetic brushes more quickly.

This brush tree is made from top quality acrylic and super soft silicone rubber; it will securely hold but never ever damage your brushes. All the materials in our products are sourced from trusted suppliers the United States and assembled in Madison WI by our team.

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