Keeping Your Brushes Clean and Well Maintained Will Enhance Your Appearance and Save Your Money

Cleaning Brushes

Whether you’re applying facial makeup or painting a masterpiece, you need the highest quality brushes and coloring materials. For a top quality appearance, excellent brush cleansing practices are necessary too. With top quality, well maintained brushes you can look your very best.

Protect Your Brushes

You can enhance the longevity of your brushes by using them for their intended purpose only. Children, pets and even your friends may meddle with your brushes. You should make sure they don’t. You should always make certain that your brushes are only used for their intended purpose.

Brush Material

When it comes to eyebrow grooming, synthetics like nylon are an acceptable alternative to natural bristles. For the most part, however, high quality natural brushes are a necessity. All these brushes are handmade. You should never feel that you are wasting money when you purchase the best quality, because they always outperform those of lesser quality. The difference is something that is instantly visible.

Why you need to use clean brushes

If you want to look your best, you must take good care of your brushes and clean them frequently. If you neglect to do so, your color will be muddy and you know that won’t look good. Dirty brushes can also carry bacteria, another non-essential for healthy good looks. Rashes are a side effect of using dirty brushes too.

Best Brush Cleansers

Good art supply stores carry Pink Soap and Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver. They are good cleansers that condition brush hairs and are easy to rinse out.

It’s also ok to use shampoo. If you use a glycerin based soap, make sure you don’t use it on squirrel hair. This hair is highly absorbent and you may not be able to rinse it properly. If you fail to rinse thoroughly, your makeup brush will begin to feel oily and any fluffiness will disappear.

The Brush Cleaning Process

When using professional brush cleaning products, it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. For all cleaners, do not permit liquid to enter the ferrule. This will cause the hair to shed. Hold the brush at an angle almost perpendicular to that of the cleanser with the brush tilting downwards. Wet the hair of the brush with water and gently shampoo with cleanser. You should shampoo in the direction of the hair. Finally, you should make sure to rinse gently with water.  Never ever leave your brush in a glass or jar with hairs facing up or down. It is ok to hang your brush with the tip facing downward. The best option is to place the brush in your Benjabelle Brush Tree with the hairs hanging down, the vertical orientation of the brush will guarentee no water will damage the ferrule of your brush.  Leaving your brushes to dry overnight should be sufficient time for all moisture to evaporate.

Instant Brush Cleaner

Many professional makeup artists use instant brush cleaner such as Brush Off, because it is an instant spray on cleaner. It has disinfectant in it and dries almost immediately. Never the less, it is no substitute for a proper cleaning.

Faster Drying

One of the most common ways professional makeup artists clean their brushes is with alcohol. A 99% solution is the best. The alcohol removes makeup and shampoo residue while disinfecting the brush. For optimal cleansing, you can clean the brushes with gentle shampoo and tepid water then give them an alcohol rinse. The brushes will dry rapidly when placed in your brush tree.

It’s easy to keep your brushes clean and it will, keep you healthier, prettier and save you money in the long run. You will look radient when you clean your brushes regularly.